To accompany my video lectures on gametheory101.com, I have created a textbook for basic strategic and extensive form games. You can purchase it here for $4.99 (or ~$12.59 for a hard copy, depending on how much Amazon chooses to charge for it today). You download a free sample lesson here. (The images don’t render exactly right on the PDF, but this isn’t a problem with the published version.)

I also have books on The Rationality of War and Bargaining.

8 responses to “Textbook

  1. I havenot got a Kindle. Is it possible to buy this book in another format. I have no intention of buying Kindle

  2. Very nice work. Thank you so much for your efforts. I bought the $3.99 ($1 price increase) version. Still a bargain. What is nice is that once I bought it, Amazon has an app that let’s me download it again (for free) to my iPod Touch. (Or maybe I m reading it from the Cloud — hard to tell. Still convenient.) Perfect level for short seminar that I may give soon to retired folks as a supplement.

    • Oops! I moved the price up a dollar when I added the third chapter. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. And I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

  3. I appreciate your devotion.

  4. This is excellent material. I am taking a Coursera course but it is all video, and I need to have something in writing so this is a great accompaniment. Thanks!

  5. Hi,
    I watched your videos with close attention and have a question and would be really grateful if you helped me out.

    Can a person that breaks the independence axiom still be considered as a rational individual?

    • Yes. Rationality is just completeness + transitivity. You need those + independence + continuity for expected utilities, though.

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