PSC/IR 106 (2013)

PSC/IR 106: Introduction to International Relations
Professor Hein Goemans
Spring 2013
Lecture: MW 12:00-12:50 Goergen 101
Recitation: W 1:00-1:50 Hylan 102; F 11:00-11:50 Morey 502; F 12:00-12:50 Morey 502
Office Hours: Tu 2:15-4:15 Harkness 305
Email: (Do NOT email my address.)
Complete YouTube Playlist

Final Review
Review sessions are as follows:

Me: May 3 (Friday), 12-1 pm, Meliora 203
Maricella: May 5 (Sunday), 6-9 pm, Goergen 109
Me: May 6 (Monday), 8-whenever pm, Lattimore 201

Here are the civil war commitment problem slides we will be covering at the beginning of Monday’s review session.

Here’s what the final looked like a few years ago.

Similar to the midterm, this is the list of terms from Blackboard that Professor Goemans flagged as being important to the final. The same disclaimer applies: this list is incomplete, and knowing all of these terms is insufficient to obtain an A in the class. I have linked pre-existing study material wherever possible to assist you.

non-governmental organization
iteration (part 1, part 2)
boomerang model
common pool resource
International Criminal Court (ICC)
universal jurisdiction
secure second strike
public good
fixed vs. floating exchange rates
Kyoto Protocol
transnational advocacy network
prisoner’s dilemma
bargaining range
private/incomplete information
battle of the sexes (stag hunt)
Bretton Woods
Montreal Treaty
preventive war
zero sum
collective action problem/free riding
club good
nonrival in consumption
peacebuilding mission
setting standards of behavior/verifying compliance/reducing costs of decision making/dispute resolution
outside options
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Washington Consensus
four primary effects of nuclear weapons
preemptive war
indivisible good
tragedy of the commons
splendid first strike
terrorism (Hoffman definition)

Week 14: Bargaining over Proliferation Guest Lecture
Bargaining over proliferation slides.


Week 14: Guessing Games
Wednesday’s recitation will be in Morey 525.

We are covering the Debs and Monteiro paper on nuclear proliferation. Here are the slides.


Week 13: Terrorism
Slides here.


Week 12: No Recitation
I am at the Midwest Political Science Association’s annual meeting.

Week 11: Institutions and Civilizations
Slides here.

Again, no recitation next week.


Week 10: What Do Institutions Do?
Slides here. We will probably not get through all of this. We will do the remainder next week.

Due to the annual Midwest Political Science Conference–the largest political science conference every year–there will be no recitation on April 10 or April 12. I know you are heartbroken. So am I.

The episode of Star Trek reference in lecture is City on the Edge of Forever. It is probably the consensus best episode of Star Trek and often ranks highly on lists of the best episodes in the history of television. It also frequently referenced in other television shows. If you are bored, it is free on Hulu for the next week.


Week 9: Midterms Returned
I will be handing back midterms this week. The slides will cover the most common mistakes.

Week 8: Midterm
Review slides here.

The midterm will be on Wednesday, March 6 during the normal lecture time. Please bring a pen; we will provide bluebooks.

There are two review sessions. Maricela’s will be on Monday at 7:30 pm in Bausch and Lomb 269. Mine will be on Tuesday at 8 pm in Dewey 2162. Come with questions–I will have (almost) nothing prepared.

In the meantime, here is a list of likely ID terms from the list on Blackboard, with a few additions. I have linked preexisting study material where available. I recommend consulting the textbook or Wikipedia for primers on the rest of the terms. (The textbook and Wikipedia will be useful for the other terms, too.)

Disclaimer: By using this list, you acknowledge that it is very likely incomplete and you are ultimately responsible for your own grade.

And if you haven’t read “Rationalist Explanations for War” yet…seriously, do it.

Week 7: Trade
There will be a review session in Dewey 2162 on Tuesday, March 5. Time is 8 to 9 pm. Come with questions–I will have (basically) nothing prepared.

Here are the slides.

Corresponding videos:


Week 6: Preemptive War and Leaders in International Conflict
Slides here.

Written notes for preemptive war here.

And in video format:


Week 5: Preventive War
No slides, but notes are here. We cover up until page 14.

The math here gets a little complicated. Note that you will not be required to reproduce it on a midterm or final. However, you must be able to explain (in words) the underlying logic of the model. In particular, if you can correctly explain the answer to the question in the video below at about the 1:00 mark, you will be good to go on the exam.


Week 5 “Guest” Lecture: War’s Inefficiency Puzzle
Click here for the slides.

Written notes here.

Video here.

Week 4: The Democratic Peace and the Logic of Political Survival
Announcement: No recitations on March 6 or March 8.

Click here for the slides.

Click here for Bruce Bueno de Mesquita’s interview on The Colbert Report.

Week 3: Crafting Theory
Click here for the slides.

For the curious, here is the clip from South Park. The full episode is Gnomes.

The video below discusses the role of formal models in international relations in greater depth:

We will also cover the prisoner’s dilemma (time permitting)…

…and the stag hunt. (This video comes from a different class and is much more technical. Ignore all the jargon. Focus on the logic.


Week 2: Welcome!
Click here for the slides.

Click here for a rant about how to read academic articles the right way.

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