PS 0500 (2017 Fall)

PS 0500: Introduction to World Politics
William Spaniel
Fall 2017
Lecture: Tu/Th 2:00-2:50 Cathedral of Learning 324
Recitation: As Scheduled
Office Hours: Tu 11:45-1:45 Posvar 4446
YouTube Playlist
Problem Set #1, Data Analysis #1, Problem Set #2, Data Analysis #2

World politics is the study of how states interact with each other. This course builds a working knowledge of our field, introducing the background, theoretical, and empirical tools necessary to understand international relations today. Students will learn about important findings in a variety of subfields, including war, international political economy, institutions, nuclear proliferation, and terrorism. To do so, the course emphasizes readings from original research material rather than from a textbook. Students will also solve problem sets and work with common international relations datasets to obtain a working understanding of the discipline’s methodological foundations.