If you are interested in learning game theory, I have created a fairly elaborate web of YouTube videos that teach the subject from the ground up. YouTube doesn’t allow you to organize things very well, so I created for that purpose. Once there, you will be able to find all of my lectures, including this series on game theory:

Or this one on the fundamentals of international relations:

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  1. William,
    Congrats on the Freakonomics mention.

    Could you make a suggested playlist order for your Game Theory vids on YouTube?


    • Unfortunately, Freakonomics caught me at a bad time. I was planning on revising things to create a coherent lesson plan, but I had only gotten two videos in when I was thrust into the spotlight. My temporary answer is to use this playlist as a guide:

      However, now that I am “out there,” I might divert more of my attention toward getting said coherent lesson plan together, at which point I will post it here.


  2. I am foxed by the second half of this question. I have read your textbook but there is nothing similar. I am sure its there

    In game theory, explain the circumstances under which column (x) dominates column (y) in a
    two-person zero-sum game.

    Liz and Mark play a zero-sum game. This game is represented by the following pay-off matrix for Liz.
    Mark plays 1 Mark plays 2 Mark plays 3
    Liz plays 1 5 3 2
    Liz plays 2 4 5 6
    Liz plays 3 6 4 3
    (b) Verify that there is no stable solution to this game.

    (c) Find the best strategy for Liz and the value of the game to her.

    The game now changes so that when Liz plays 1 and Mark plays 3 the pay-off to Liz changes from
    2 to 4. All other pay-offs for this zero-sum game remain the same.
    (d) Explain why a graphical approach is no longer possible and briefly describe the method Liz
    should use to determine her best strategy.

    The payoff are in a 3x3matrix. I am sorry if its a bit confusing

  3. Hi,

    I am interested in looking at international relations. I am new to it. I started looking at your video series on called “international relations 101”. I noticed that the videos in the series were uploaded in 2012 and 2013. So, I was just wondering if the videos are current enough to still be applicable in 2018, or if things have changed too much in the world for the videos to still be useful?



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