PS 0500 (2018 Spring)

PS 0500: Introduction to World Politics
William Spaniel
Spring 2017
Lecture: Tu/Th 11:00-11:50 Cathedral of Learning 232
Recitation: As Scheduled
Office Hours: Tu 1:00-3:00 Posvar 4446
YouTube Playlist
Problem Set #1, Data Analysis #1, Problem Set #2, Data Analysis #2

Topic 2: Basic Models of Conflict and Cooperation
Readings: The Cult of the Offensive and The Evolution of Cooperation, Chapter 1 and Chapter 4

Slides: Here

Lecture: Conflict versus Cooperation, The Prisoner’s Dilemma, The Cult of the Offensive and the Origins of World War I, Tariffs and the Barriers to Free Trade, Arms Races, The Shadow of the Future, Grim Trigger, Benevolent Cooperation

Topic 1: The Basics
Slides: Here

Lecture: Introduction, Sovereignty, Anarchy, Proximate versus Underlying Causes, The Strategic World

Topic 0: Logistics
Slides: Here