Game Theory 101 MOOC Completed

My Game Theory 101 MOOC (massive open online course) has been completed for Fall 2012. Conveniently, you can watch the entire series below, find the playlist on YouTube, or take the course via Udemy.

The course covers basic complete information game theory and has an accompanying textbook. Enjoy!

P.S. Here’s a (partial) list of the things it covers: prisoner’s dilemma, strict dominance, iterated elimination of strictly dominated strategies, pure strategy Nash equilibrium, best responses, mixed strategy Nash equilibrium, matching pennies, the mixed strategy algorithm, calculating payoffs, battle of the sexes, weak dominance, iterated elimination of weakly dominated strategies, infinitely many equilibria, extensive form games, game trees, backward induction, subgame perfect equilibrium, tying hands, burning bridges, credible commitment, commitment problems, forward induction, knife-edge equilibria, comparative statics, rock paper scissors, symmetric games, zero sum games. Okay, that was a fairly complete list.

3 responses to “Game Theory 101 MOOC Completed

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  2. Bill, Your text book is ‘out of stock’ on Amazon!!!

    • Hmm, that’s weird. I checked immediately after you originally posted, and it was available. Still looks good right now.

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